Summer DJ Line-up

Dario Leite

Live at: Incognito

As a DJ, if you want to typecast me, you can call me a music junkie. My love for music started when I was growing up listening to my dads disco and pop records and spending Saturdays shopping for new music.

From there I travelled through rock ‘n roll, soul/ R&B, indie and house music in order to land me up with a vast collection of music and a knowledge that grows everyday.

My specialty is selecting music that perfectly suits the mood and crowd. Be it a big celebration or an intimate affair, the music I play will smoothly guide the crowd from quiet moments of a meal, to the full
blown dance party, where young and old are kicking off their shoes.

With many years of deejaying experience in the art, club, festival, fashion and wedding scenes my main focus is to curate music that suits each events individual tastes.

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