Summer DJ Line-up

Oliver Baptise

Oliver Baptise is a world-class international DJ with considerable screen, print, and runway time as a professional model and actor. With such an extensive and diverse entertainment background, there can be no wondering as to his undeniable ability to read and work a crowd. Versatility bred from his Jamaican roots, Canadian childhood and a professional life that has taken him time and again to international hotbeds like London, New York, and South Africa puts Oliver in a league that most DJs aspire to.

Music is at the very core of Oliver’s being, which is why for him, DJing is a way of life. While maintaining a successful international modelling career, he travelled the world, which allowed him to spin in big house music clubs wherever he set foot. Oliver has now got his feet wet in the production game and is set to release his music to the world in 2020.

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