Summer DJ Line-up


Live at: Incognito

Shoemaker grew up in a family on the east coast of the United States where music was always the cornerstone of the home. When he left the States over a decade ago, his love for music was only magnified by his travels around the world. Shortly after, an obsession for disco music sent him down a rabbit hole of collecting and playing records when he made Cape Town his new home in 2011.

With multiple residencies in the city under his belt over the years, his drive for finding new music and sounds inspires him to consistently dig deeper. Today, Shoemaker’s sets are influenced by disco, Latin, African, Zouk, house, and music from all corners of the world – never one to stick to one sound or genre. He aims to spoil listeners with music they are likely unfamiliar with but find irresistible not to move to!

Shoemaker has played at MCQP, Sexy Groovy Love, Kinky Summer, Rocking the Daisies, Retreat Yourself among other festivals and is a regular DJ in the city bowl where you can catch him playing at various venues around town or tune in to one of his two bi-weekly radio show, Neutral Buoyancy and Retrograde (which he co- hosts with White Nite) on South African independent radio station A11 Radio.

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